Wordless Wednesday: Who Invited the Paparazzi?

In another attempt to stay within the (unknown to me) Wordless Wednesday rules, I’d like to tell you about some excitement that we had around these parts two weekends ago–in as few words as possible, of course.

You didn’t know about this excitement because I didn’t mention it in either of the TWO video blogs that I threw together last week for AgWeb.com’s A Day in Agriculture event.

Did I mention that I had vivid dreams about editing deadlined video last week?

Vivid dreams.

Well, I did.

And I kinda liked it.

So unless you follow me on Twitter and caught a simple tweeted image that I posted last week, here is some breaking news…

America’s Heartland–a weekly series that airs on PBS stations around the country and on RFD-TV–sent out a couple of really nice guys to shoot footage and gather information for an episode they are working on about a couple of young, fashionable, hard-headed, intelligent women who somehow married a couple of crazy, dirt covered, nice, loving, funny, hard-working Kansas farmers (who also just happen to be cousins).

You might recognize one of those farmers…

So tell me Mr. Baldwin, what’s life REALLY like living with your wifey??
Can you also tell me, Sir, what it’s like to be doing something while you’re being shot by two cameras??

The segment is about our lives on the farm and how Katie (my cousin-in-law) and I blog about our experiences.

Our poor, poor husbands. 

Katie’s blog, New To The Farm, can be found by clicking here.

Anyway, I wanted to share just a few pictures of our visit with America’s Heartland. 

I got a kick out of them.

Street Cred, Yo!
It’s the Crikey!! calf. 
So tell me, Mr. Baldwin, what do you think about your wife becoming part of the Kansas paparazzi??  Wouldn’t you rather work WITHOUT someone in your face with a camera???
Seriously, why is this lady shooting a picture of me shooting this tractor?!?

I also shot video of their visit, and I’ll get to that in a video blog later –I want to sleep easy for at least a few more days.

I shall call it “Behind the Scenes”. 

Plus, when we find out when the episode is scheduled to air, we’ll make sure to share that information with you.

If you’re wondering whether or not America’s Heartland is on your PBS channel, you can click here to find out.

I’ll share some more pictures later that’ll show you what kind of fun we had, but I have to unload my camera first.

I think I ought to look for the elusive Wordless Wednesday rules, too.

I think I just broke them.


4 Thoughts

    1. Thanks Jodi!! I’m bad at it–I know. This week’s is another attempt. I tricked myself by not putting Wordless Wednesday in the title–no pressure. I think this week’s is the closest I’ve gotten to the Wordless Wednesday concept yet. 🙂

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