Attempted Cannings: Part Deux

I am not a domestic diva in any way, shape or form.  I’d like to be more domestic–and I’ve had small successes in the kitchen–but I still feel like I have a long, long, long way to go.

Luckily, there are people in this world who help out the domestic diva flunkies (like me) and others who just want to learn.  These people are patient and kind while helping out people like me.  I’m lucky enough to have an awesome County Extension program–right at my little, Holly Homemaker-wannabe fingertips.

I recently participated in a workshop–taught by some of our Extension staff–that helped show a group of young gals how to make jellies and jams.  It was a hands-on workshop and I left with some products that I actually had a hand in making–that people can actually eat and enjoy.

Here’s the proof…

Making sure we know the recipe...
Our Extension Specialist reassuring us that anybody can do this...
"Are you sure we can do this??"
Starting to get our hands dirty in the jam and jelly making...
It's time to make some magic!
Throwing in the pectin. I'd like to state that after this workshop I promptly drove to the local grocery store and purchased A LOT of pectin. It was on sale, and it's good until 2014. It was a win-win.
Apple Jelly, anyone?
How about now? Apple Jelly, anyone?
Throw it in the water bath but don't steam your face trying to take the picture!
Water bath time minus the scalding, blinding steam that could have very easily melted my camera.
Dearest Santa, I would really like this super cool jar grabber that Ball makes. I know I have the old one and have NEVER used it, but I think this new jar grabber might just rock my canning world!
Strawberry freezer jam.
This batch is ready for the freezer. Aren't they pretty??
And of course we had to hold a tasting session of the finished products...
Oh. My. Goodness.
Oh. My. Goodness. Again.
I love me some good old fashioned, homemade strawberry jam. Who knew I would ever have a hand in making the stuff?!?

No food poisoning took place.

No fingers were accidentally severed.

No explosions happened in the kitchen.

And, our Extension Specialist is willing to hold another canning session for us.

She likes us!  She really, really likes us!

Plus, I left the workshop feeling like I could make jams and jellies in my own kitchen.


Of course, have I attempted to make any at home since the workshop??

Not yet.

But that’s just it–I think I could do it by myself.

God bless our County Extension staff for they know not what they have done.

A portion of my pectin stash.

Watch out people, I have assorted varieties of pectin and I now know how to use it!

6 Thoughts

  1. Looks like fun! And the jam looks yummy. Great job! I helped my mom with some canning in August. I too feel like I often fall short of domestic diva status. But my mom likes to remind me that practice makes perfect. And with all that pectin you’re sure to get lots of practice! Feel free to mail me a jar – I’ll sample it for you!

    1. Teresa, that was just a sampling of the pectin that I bought–I went a little overboard. I think I might have to wrap some up and give them away as gifts. Oh, and believe me, when I finally do decide to take the plunge and make some jam or jelly in my kitchen, I will have a blog about it. 🙂

  2. LOL–If you ever need some holly-homemaker ideas or recipes…just let me know! PS I didn’t know you lived in Mcpherson county! I live on the Harvey/Butler line! So in farmland–we’re like neighbors!

      1. LOL–that is so true! The farming community is so small! Was your hubby raised in Mac too?

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