Ice Ice Baby

I wore a pair of my peep toe heels to school on Tuesday.

It was the first time I didn’t wear stockings or socks since, well…2012.

I figured it was time to officially welcome spring by showing off my painted toes.

After all, corn planting was in full swing…

Fire up the tractors, boys!
Fire up the tractors, boys!
It's time to plant the corn in central Kansas!
It’s time to plant the corn in central Kansas!

The apricot trees had started to bloom…

Apricot blooms
Apricot blooms–I can taste that fresh fruit already!

The flowers in the yard started springing up…

The first daffodil of 2013
The first daffodil of 2013
Pretty purples...
Pretty purples…

…and started blooming, too.

Blooms in spring
Pretty pinks…
Pretty yellows...
Pretty yellows…

Besides, I figured since everything was starting to bloom– and after last week’s freak snow– spring was right around the corner.

As in right around the corner by hours.

Or maybe a few days at the most.

Remember how I mentioned that it snowed last week?

Well…it ICED today.

Yes, ICE in APRILl!!

Technically it started last night and kept going for the majority of today.

Luckily, Adam put the vehicles in the shop last night.

Well…at least my vehicle.

When I went outside this morning to get my car warmed before leaving for school this is what I found…

Pretty purples encased in ice…
Apricot blossoms
Apricot blossoms…
Encased in ice.

To be honest, I’m surprised we still have power.

Lines are down all over the county.

Ice can get pretty heavy.

Busted tree
...and broken.
…and broken.

It made for a slow drive to and from school today, too.

Slick road
Slick road

I am thankful for the much needed moisture we’ve received from this storm.

I’m also praying the wheat is ok.

We can survive without our farm fresh apricots for a year.

We need the wheat to pay the bills.

And by the looks of things around here…



There’s a pretty solid coat of ice on everything right now.

I think it’d be smart to put my peep toes away for a few more days, too.

In fact, I’m planning on digging out the socks for tomorrow!

2 Thoughts

  1. Yep, that looks familiar, though we hadn’t started planting corn. We’ll see how the wheat fares. K-State Extension says it will be a few days before we know for sure. You can’t deny the beauty, even in the face of possible crop calamity, I suppose. Hoping for the best!

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