Boys of the Farm…

It snowed here this last week.

It didn’t stick, but still.

It’s April!!

There’s really nothing more fitting than crazy weather ushering in spring here in Kansas.

Ever since I’ve lived here I’ve heard people say, “If you don’t like the weather wait a few minutes.”

How true it is!

Just a few days ago I was contemplating getting my toes painted, digging out my flip-flops, and planning my summer.

It was warm and sunny and glorious.

The calves that were born in February and March were either lying down in the sun and warming their bellies or exploring while their mamas grazed in the pasture or buried their heads in the feed bunk.

Catching some sun
Catching some sun

In fact, it was warm enough to take little boys out to help feed the cattle without having to wrap them up in coveralls and gloves.

Jackets were all the little boys needed.

Grandpa's little helpers.
Grandpa’s little helpers.

Our nephews, Rowan and Eli, were visiting for a long weekend and were Dwight’s helpers.

Taking a ride.
Taking a ride.

Usually Dwight and Tucker are the two sharing a spot on the four-wheeler when checking cattle.

However, Tucker had to share his spot with the boys while Grandpa gave the boys a ride around the yard.

Maybe Rowan had to make the adjustments
Tucker’s spot is Tucker’s spot.  Rowan is somewhere in there.

While the four-wheeler slowly looped around the yard, the cows bellied up to the bunks to eat their breakfast while the calves explored.

What kind of trouble can we get into?
What kind of trouble can we get into?

However, one cow and calf were missing.

The old girl had not come in to eat her morning meal which is uncommon.

Instead, she was on the other side of the creek.

Where's my baby?
Where’s my baby?

Grandpa and the boys–including Tucker–decided to ride out and figure out where the old gal’s calf was.

What's over here?
What’s over here?
Oh, they found you.
Oh, they found you.
Might as well get up now that you've been discovered.
Might as well get up now that you’ve been discovered.
Thanks for the help.
Thanks for the help.
What just happened?
What just happened?

Eli and Rowan weren’t the only little helpers on this particular day.

Lood, Dad!  A calf's out!
Lood, Dad! A calf’s out!
Yep, a calf's out!
Yep, a calf’s out!

Banks decided he was big enough to go check cows, too.

He stayed close to his daddy and off the four-wheeler though.

Maybe next year.

Besides, I’m pretty sure it’d be hard to find a spot on the four-wheeler.

There’s just too many boys!

All of the boys of Baldwin Farms.
All of the boys of Baldwin Farms.

It’s important to notice that Tucker made sure he was in this picture.

After all, he’s one of the boys on the farm, too!

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