The Next Generation

It’s Harvest Time!

Even though we wanted to start earlier, yesterday was the first day of the 2012 wheat harvest for us.

Everyone gets very anxious and excited during this time of the year because they want to cut the wheat.

I think one of the most anxious and excited ones to get the combines rolling is this little guy…

Our nephew Rowan, Harvest 2011

My sister-in-law has helped with harvest every year I’ve known her.

So has Rowan, her oldest son.

I’ve watched Rowan literally grow up while riding in the combines every wheat harvest.

In fact, he’s been around for wheat harvests one more year than me.

He loves wheat harvest.

He told us the other day that he dreams of wheat harvest.

So last week when Rowan arrived, it wasn’t a surprise to find out he was chanting “Harvest Time, Harvest Time” in my in-law’s kitchen.

It was still a few days too early to start cutting wheat last week. ย But wheat harvest isn’t the only event that keeps everyone busy during this time of the year.

The guys were finishing up planting the soybeans last week, and of course, Rowan had to help.

Helping Grandpa fix a flat tire in a bean field.

On Saturday, the guys decided to run some test cuts to see how close the wheat was to being ready. ย The wheat has to fall within a certain moisture percentage before it can be cut.

You can bet Rowan was out in the field helping with the test cuts.

Checking the combine after a test cut.

Rowan was also the one given the honor of handing over a sample to get tested at the elevator.

He walked from the truck holding the sample in a cup with both hands to make sure it was safely delivered.

Carefully handing over his sample to get tested.

The tests showed that the wheat was still just a little too wet to cut.

Little boy was devastated.

He wanted the combines to roll on Saturday!

But he had to exercise patience.

On Sunday we took the day off…

But on Monday, shortly after lunch, Rowan was told that it was “go time”.

And he was ready!

Harvest Time, Harvest Time!
Fire up the combines, boys!
It’s time to harvest the wheat in central Kansas!
Helping Uncle Adam cut the wheat.

I think if you let that little boy choose between sleeping or cutting wheat, he’d choose cutting wheat.
It’s a sure thing!

There’s another sure thing this year, too.

There’s another little boy who will be experiencing his first wheat harvest with us this year…

Eli–Rowan’s little brother

…And I think he likes wheat, too!

13 Thoughts

    1. Natalie, there’s plenty of time for you to participate in this year’s harvest. Pack a bag and come on out! You might have to negotiate with Rowan concerning which combine you can ride in ๐Ÿ™‚ We’d love to have you!

  1. I remember how much fun it was to go barefooted in the just-cut wheat. Lots better than sand!

    1. Neill, if baby Eli would’ve had the choice I think he would have crawled around in the wheat instead of on his blanket during supper last night. It sure was entertaining to watch Eli’s first time on the wheat. Rowan, on the other hand, is an old pro ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I love the hand-in-hand photo as they walk to the combine. And those boots are pretty awesome! We had a 4-year-old friend helping for awhile yesterday afternoon. It was his first combine ride, but I don’t think it will be his last. Hope harvest goes well for you!

  3. Love, love, love this post!!! This is how my boys grew up – riding with daddy or Papa in the combine harvesting wheat and a lot a soybeans. It’s the most wonderful life and this brought back so many memories. Rowan and Eli are so, so cute. Love the photos and your story:)

  4. What adorable boys Emily has! Lucky they are to have an aunt and uncle who love them. And I think Natalie and Sandy should come to NJ. No wheat harvest, but much closer! Come on up girls!

  5. As a kid in the late 50’s and living in far northern Montana, I remember helping the custom cutters from Kansas move combines down narrow roads to the next field. I would stand in the “hopper” with my flag and let the auto’s behind know when it was safe to pass. Back then a 14-16′ header was big time!!! Wonder what ever happended to Emil and Milton Gall from Kansas???

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