Turkey Trot

I’m going to take a wild guess and say it must be the height of turkey breeding season here in Kansas.

I’ve been hearing turkey gobbles every evening when I take the mutts out to walk.

I’ve seen our flock of wild turkeys hanging out all over our pastures.

I’ve seen some pretty big Toms strutting their stuff for the ladies, too.

We’ve had some rain which was apparently enough to entice a wild Tom into our yard Sunday morning.

That is one big bird in my backyard!

I was in the kitchen getting ready to make a peanut butter & jelly sandwich for breakfast when I noticed a rather large bird in our backyard.

A turkey on a trot

I yelled to Adam and he immediately ran for his gun.

While Adam was scrambling I just watched this crazy bird trot around like he owned the place.

Adam, get your gun!

I immediately wondered where our watchdogs were.  They normally cause a commotion when an event like this happens.  Actually, they usually cause so much of a commotion it prevents an event like this from happening.

So since the mutts were nowhere in sight, Mr. Tom decided the yard was his domain.

My name is Tom and I own this joint

Instead of bursting out the door guns a’blazing, Adam decided to practice his turkey call.

Mr. Tom stopped dead in his tracks trying to figure out who was calling him for a love connection.

Say what?

Then Mr. Tom must’ve misinterpreted Adam’s call, because he took off behind the barn and disappeared into the great unknown…

Until this morning!!

Mr. Tom was back in the yard.  And this time he brought a friend.

Mr. Tom and his friend

While I was getting ready for school Adam yelled to me about turkeys multiplying.

I thought he was hallucinating (mostly because he is officially an old man today) but when I looked out the kitchen windows there were TWO turkeys in my backyard.

TWO turkeys in my backyard!

Again, Mr. Tom and his buddy were walking around like they owned the place.

Again, no mutts were in sight.

So this time I decided to go outside and get some pictures instead of shooting through a window until they trotted off into the great unknown.

If Mr. Tom is in my yard again I think I'll walk up to him and grab him by the neck!

I’m really amazed at how crazy these birds are.

Do they not realize people are licensed to hunt them right now?!?

Do they not realize that my husband is now contemplating a stakeout to ambush them for his birthday treat?!?

The crazy things I see through my kitchen windows!

2 Thoughts

  1. We have wild turkeys here too. Sometimes they’ll be wabbling along the side of the road. Sometimes they even get brave and start chasing you, flapping their feathers and squawking at the top of their lungs. It can be quite scary actually.

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