We’ve been a little ill at the farm this past week.

And when I say “we” I mean Adam.

I’ve been the nurse–hydrating, temperature reading, and praying that my husband gets back to good health.

For some reason all I can think about is snot when I look at this picture. Forgive me.

Because when your husband– a man who vehemently proclaims that he NEVER gets sick–gets sick, it ain’t pretty.

Swirls has requested the house be thoroughly disinfected before he re-enters.

Adam had done been knocked out.

He’s a sicko!

Apparently Swirls the Cat has issues with germs.

My poor, poor husband.

He had to rely on others to run some business meetings this week.

He had to rely on his dad to feed the cattle solo this week.

He had to rely on me to make meals this week.

Luckily for him, he didn’t have much of an appetite.

On top of the super bug that apparently took residence at our house and knocked out my husband, I have officially started our Forensics season at school– the speaking and performing type of forensics, not the CSI one.

I have started hauling students around central Kansas and coaching them on their performances.

It makes for long days.

And long nights.

But it’s fun….as long as the weather is good.

Snow in February?!? Come on, Mother Nature, Bring It!

Speaking of the weather…It’s been fairly cold this week.

I guess it is February.

I tend to forget those things when you’re not wearing wool socks and sweaters to work everyday.

We had some snow earlier last week–just in time for the cows to start calving.

I've been hauling kids and attempting to heal my this is the closest picture of a calf you'll get today. Just use your imagination 🙂

Hopefully the calves will stay healthy with the recent change in weather.

Hopefully everyone else in this house (in other words: Me!) stays healthy, too.  

Hopefully I'll take down wreaths that were put up in December, too! Good grief!

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