Flying Low

January is just about over, and I’m still waiting for winter to show up.  It’s been a very calm, mild winter and although we’ve had our brief moments of snow, I have yet to have a snow day this year.

Because this winter has been so mild, a lot of farmers have been working in their fields during times of the year I’m sure they haven’t been in in the recent past.

With near 60 degree days, Adam has been spraying the fields and doing other activities that he would normally be doing later in the spring.

It’s a little odd to see tractors running in fields that should be covered in snow.  Odd sights are becoming less, and less odd this winter.

On one recent afternoon, I experienced something that scared me to near death.  It was one of those things that makes your heart skip a few beats and then speed up because you aren’t expecting to see it.

You aren’t expecting to hear it either.

Look–in the sky!
It’s a bird!
No, it’s a plane!
More specifically, it’s a crop duster!

I always thought it was pretty cool to drive under a jumbo jet on its approach to Albuquerque’s airport. But you’re expecting that!

Crop dusters come out of nowhere and just scare you!

This guy was pretty low to the ground as he made pass after pass after pass above our farm.

Adam says that sometimes the crop dusters get so low to the ground that they fly under the telephone lines.

That’s pretty close.

I plan to be in the safety of my classroom on that day!

Here, on the other hand, is something you expect to see around the farm at this time of the year…

The first calf of 2012 for Baldwin Farms. Meet Heifer #116.

Isn’t she just too cute?!?

Heifer #116 was born today. Her mama didn't let me get too close. Thank goodness for zoom lenses!

I have a feeling I’ll have some more calf pictures very, very soon!

Let’s get down to business now…

So at this point I’m sure you just want to know who won the calendar and mixes from McPherson’s own The Old Muffin Factory from this week’s first ever giveaway.

I utilized the Random Number Generator to determine the winner.

I actually had to do it twice because the first time my mom won.  Seriously!

Mom, if I neglected to send you your calendar let me know 🙂  

So the actual winner is…


Abra from Indiana!  When Abra hears the word KANSAS she automatically thinks:

Kansas…where I grew up and learned good family values; agriculture; FFA!; sunflowers; state fair…I could go on & on! There truly is no place like home. Even though I live in Indiana now, there will always be a fondness for Kansas in my heart.

Congratulations, Abra!!

Abra, be sure to check your email because I will be sending you a message to get your mailing information.

That was fun.

We need to do that again!

Roger that!

5 Thoughts

  1. We drive down Old U.S. 50 on our commute, and we LOVE the baby cows…errr, calves. They way they bounce around a play is adorable.

    A local pilot told me that with small planes, there are are restrictions as to how close you can fly to a building, but you can skirt right along the edge of the fields if you want to. Great pictures!

    1. We should have quite a few babies running around pretty soon. I agree, Diana, it is pretty entertaining to watch calves run around and play.

      Those small planes get pretty low. When you’re not expecting them in the neighborhood, the sound of the plane descending is pretty alarming. Thanks for following the blog!

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