Like Dust in the Wind…

Had you come into my house these last few weeks you would’ve thought we had completely skipped the corn harvest this year. The sink lacked dishes piled up to the ceiling, the laundry room lacked dirty clothes piled up to the ceiling, the kitchen floor looked relatively clean, and Swirls the Cat and Buddy the Bad Dog were fed on a consistent–and even– basis.

In reality, we did have a corn harvest–albeit a quick one.

Golden kernels of corn--proof we did have a harvest.
Working it for the camera...

Last year when Adam and I got home from our honeymoon, Adam dissappeared the day after we returned. Β I soon discovered where he had run off to–he was combining corn.

This year’s harvest could’ve been missed had you blinked your eye at the wrong time. Β The majority of the corn was chopped into silage in July–leaving this year’s harvest DONE in just a week.

Work it baby, work it!

I almost missed shooting corn harvest this year–I told myself, “Self, you have plenty of time to get your footage.

That’s the last time I’ll listen to that lady!

Luckily, I was able to leave school and drive straight to the fields a few nights to ride along and experience the harvest.

Did I mention I didn’t change?

Who says you can't be dressed up for corn harvest?? I say, wear a dress and leggings! At least my toes are painted.
Speaking of getting your nails done...
Maybe if I do a little Photoshopping it won't look as bad.

So the 2011 Corn Harvest is officially over–and because it was so quick, my memories of it are quickly becoming like dust in the wind.

It’s a good thing I have the internet and YouTube to help me remember.

8 Thoughts

  1. Love that your honeymoon came back to harvest! LOL We had to plan a quick getaway between wheat harvest and corn harvest–oh the life πŸ™‚

    And yes your toenails have to be painted–I say the plants or animals like them πŸ™‚

    1. I figure the toes must always be painted since I never get manicures. I will inevitably be asked to do something on the farm and I almost always end up breaking a nail. My toes, on the other hand, are relatively safe πŸ™‚

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