I Shaved My Legs For This…





Oh forget it.  Who am I fooling?  Central Kansas, let’s party!

I have a pass for one week to sleep past 7:00 am, enjoy sitting down and eating my lunch (as opposed to scarfing it down in 15 minutes), to stay up too late, to soak up the sun, to ride around with my husband checking fields, and to relax before the final push to Summer Break.

Prior to running down the hallways screaming, “I’m Free, I’m Free!”  I organized a list of things to do this week.  I have a lot planned for this week.  Let’s hope I can accomplish at least half of it…

Priority #1. Celebrate the arrival of SRING by shaving my legs.  If I’m going to get outside in shorts, I better destroy all evidence of what I describe as “winter maintenance”.  Let’s be honest, I don’t wear skirts or shorts in the winter.  So why should I shave my entire leg when from ankle to knee will suffice?!?  Please don’t answer that.  I recognize it was getting pretty…well….hairy.  (Sorry if you’re eating.)

Daffodils, not to be confused with leg hair.

Priority #2. Dig out my flip-flops.  Spring Break is never complete until you’re wearing your $2.50 Old Navy flip-flops.  I don’t care if it’s 32 degrees or 78 degrees out, if it’s SPRING BREAK, I’m all about my flippy flops!

Rocking the brown Old Navy flip flops in Wells Beach, Maine (circa 2007).

Priority #3. Get my toes rubbed and painted…by someone else.  I believe it is essential to get a good pedicure every one in a while.  Hey, I wear heels almost everyday and  girlfriend needs to get a good foot rub from time to time.  Besides, I’ve dug out my flip-flops and it would be a tragedy to sport my flippy flops with toes like these…

No, wait.  I couldn’t post my yucky looking toes.  Some people may be eating as they read this.  So here’s another flashback of the good ole’ pedicured days:

Some beach, somewhere (Spring Break 2009) with nicely painted toes.

Priority #4. Get my potatoes planted like, ASAP!

Rocking the lightly painted toes in Panama City (circa 2008). Oh, sorry. Potatoes, think potatoes.

The garden has been fertilized, turned and turned again.

Adam tilling the garden area for the second time in a week.

It’s time to get some things growing, like now.

These babies are cut. Let's get them in the ground, STAT!
The eyes have it (chuckle)...These potatoes need to be in the ground.

Unfortunately (for my garden, but not the wheat) it rained on Saturday, so the soil is still a little too wet for planting.

Perhaps the 45 mph winds coming from the South today will help speed up the drying process of my potato plot.

Did I mention it's windy here?

Did I mention it’s windy today??  “Windy” is actually an understatement.  It’s just plain nasty out.  My allergies should enjoy this…NOT!

Priority #5. Don’t let my sneezing, watery eyes, sore throat, and runny nose get in the way of my SPRING BREAK!!  WHOOP WHOOP!!

Priority #6. Get myself at least one hot Chai Tea, and enjoy.  It’s oh so good!!  Thank you, Jesus, for Chai Tea!!

I highly recommend a Chai Tea. Mmm, Mmm Good!

Priority #7. Prepare our basement for my imminent move into our underground “apartment” until Thanksgiving.  Let’s be honest, it’s almost tornado season, and girlfriend DOES NOT like tornadoes.  I especially don’t like tornadoes that stalk farmhouses out in the country where you can’t hear the sirens jolt you out of bed in the middle of the night from the nearby towns.  (Breathe Kim, breathe.)  HAVE YOU NEVER SEEN THE MOVIES TWISTER OR THE WIZARD OF OZ, PEOPLE?!?!?  I HAVE!!!


I’m being a realist here (or maybe real paranoid)!!!  Either way, Swirls the Cat and I will be watching Dr. Phil while tread-milling it up in the basement this spring when it gets dark and windy out, thank you very much!



"Yeah, yeah, basement, wind, dark. I'm really concerned. Wake me up when it's time to hit the deck."

Priority #8. Get (all of) our weather radios set up and on high alert.  Again, girlfriend DOES NOT like tornadoes.  What would happen if a monstrous, bloodthirsty tornado was headed our way and one of the weather radios wasn’t working??  “Be Prepared” is my motto.

Priority #8B. Know exactly what channel the Weather Channel is on, and watch a lot of TOR:CON (Tornado Condition Index) reports, to get really ready for tornado season.

This will allow my blood pressure to rise as we (Mike Seidel, Jim Cantore and I, of course) track tornadoes within a four state area so I have plenty of time to get myself and Swirls the Cat into the basement if one is in Oklahoma, Nebraska, Texas, or New Mexico.  I can never seem to change the channel in the spring.  Apparently I’m an adrenaline junkie!

Priority #9. Watch a couple episodes of TNT’s The Closer that I’ve stored in my DVR since Christmas.  I actually have 19 episodes of The Closer that are stored on the DVR.

Dear Santa, I'd like the boxed set so I can watch during tornado season in my basement.

I love me some LAPD Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson, and we all know that TNT knows drama.  “Thank ya’ll so very much.”

Priority #10. Make a dent in the laundry pile.  Keep in mind, my priority list is from most to least important.  I’ve got a feeling there still might be a laundry pile at the end of this week, but at least my legs will be smooth!

Happy Spring Break from Baldwin Farms!

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  1. Guess who’s offering pedicures again for only $25 big ones?!?! That’s right Pretty Nails on the beautiful Nevada, MO square! If you can wait until the weekend I’m totally in for pedicure time!!

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