Sightings From A Crazy Busy Week…

I’ve spent more time in a school vehicle, random school cafeterias and gymnasiums this week than I have in my own classroom.  I have left too early and come home too late all week.  I have eaten at almost every fast food establishment one can think of AND have driven more miles in one day than I do all month during my daily commutes to and from school.  I’m a road warrior.  Hear me roar—or peel out.  Whatever.

My view-- A LOT-- this week.

I feel like I’ve become one of the Duggars this week—you know, the family with a gazillion kids (ok, maybe more like 19 kids) that requires an RV to transport all of them at once.

I have become the mother hen to the students and band instruments I’ve helped haul to State Basketball games, a State Oratorical contest, and Forensics meets this week.

But amid the craziness of being my own transportation/taxi service (navigator, pilot, drive-thru orderer, etc.), I’ve seen some beautiful country and have spent some great times chatting with, cheering on, and coaching my students on the rather long drives to and from different parts of Kansas.  It’s been a great week.

State Basketball here we come!

My Bible study group has committed to read the Bible in a year.  We are pacing ourselves using the God Sightings: One Year Bible and its companion guide.

Part of our daily “assignment” is to keep our eyes open and see how God is moving in our lives (and the world) on a daily basis.  It seems like an easy enough task to complete.  But it’s not…at least for me.  So often I’m guilty of being so busy that I can lose focus on the grand scheme of things and I miss sighting Him.

This week I’ve seen God—on a daily basis.

I’ve seen the beauty of the Flint Hills created by Him as I’ve driven Highway 56 in two trips to and from Emporia (a two-hour drive each way) to watch our girls play in the 1A Kansas State Basketball Tournament…

Welcome to the Flint Hills

I’ve seen my students make the right decisions this week and exhibit compassion towards others…

I’ve seen the power of God from Japan to the West Coast and the people helping others during this time of suffering and need…

I’ve seen my husband for a total of one night this week.  When I called to let him know I was headed home from State Basketball yesterday, he stopped working early to eat dinner and spend the evening with me (even though he could have worked late into the night getting fields ready for planting)…

Isn't he a good lookin' guy? And so mysterious...
Thank you, Lord for putting him in my life!

I’ve seen beautiful sunrises and sunsets…

I’ve seen my dear friend’s brother return home from a year-long military tour in the Middle East…

I’ve seen Spring peek out after a very cold, long winter…

I have no idea what these are, but they are green and they are growing!

I’ve seen beautiful things all around me…

I’ve seen God this week—even during my busyness.  (I count that as a small miracle in itself.)

Thank you, Lord.


5 Thoughts

  1. Hi, Kim, My husband, Ben, is Cindy & Doug’s cousin. I enjoy reading your blog posts (Cindy’s been sharing them on Facebook). It sounds like you’re adapting well to farm life. I think you would enjoy a book called “GodWinks” by Squire Rushnell. It has lots of stories about people who have seen God’s hand working in their lives. Have a great week!
    Beth Watson

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