Fellowship on the Farm

Unless you follow my Instagram account, you probably don’t know about a really amazing experience I was part of last weekend.

Have you ever had an experience that has left you feeling so refreshed and on a natural high that you just want to bottle it up?

That’s what I was able to experience at last weekend’s Fellowship on the Farm.

It was a retreat geared specifically for farm wives.  I was invited to speak at the event and was fortunate to experience the entire weekend as well.

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The all-inclusive weekend was held at The Craft House in Newton, Kansas, and was organized by four amazing farm wives from around Kansas: Caitlin, Katie, Amanda, and Janna.

Caitlin, who also blogs over at Faith, Farming and Family, shared that God had put it on her heart to get a retreat put together for farm wives.

Luckily, she listened to HIM and had some fabulous ladies jump on board and help make the weekend become a reality.

After months and months of planning and waiting for God to lead them, a group of women from Kansas and Oklahoma farms and ranches– in all stages of life– connected with each other.

It was so cool to find out how each woman had heard about the retreat and why they decided to give up a precious weekend to attend.

One woman, Ms. Melva, said multiple times throughout the weekend something to the effect of: I don’t know why I’m here, I just felt this was where I was supposed to be.

Oh, Ms. Melva, I think the big guy upstairs brought us all together for a reason.

It was an intimate setting surrounded by color, constant good vibes, and realness.

I was nervous about the event–leaving my husband in charge of our two kiddos during corn planting season usually wouldn’t happen under normal circumstances for a farm wife.

But I felt a nudge to stay the entire weekend. And boy, oh boy, was I glad I did.


The weekend was an unforgettable experience and I can’t wait to attend again.


The event kicked off Friday evening, and from the start I knew it was going to be a great weekend.

Time and time again I was quietly reminded that there are women who share similar struggles and joys as a farm wife.

That I’m not alone.

The long and unpredictable hours, the seasons, the weather, the markets, the unknowns, the expectations we put on ourselves (and our husbands), the same God we draw strength from.

It was powerful.


A lot of us were strangers on Friday, but a sisterhood was born that first evening.

After the initial program was over for the night, it was as if we had all known each other for years.

We stayed up way past our bedtimes chatting like we were old buddies catching up on life.

We snacked on cupcakes, consumed caffeine, and wore our stretchy pants.

It was glorious!

Saturday brought a wonderful breakfast created by the organizers of the event.

In reality, all of the meals were wonderful.

But who would expect anything different?

After all, the meals were prepared by farm wives.

And Lord knows farm wives know how to feed a crew!

Between the speakers, we had activities including sharing harvest recipes, journal time, and making some beautiful leather cuff bracelets.

For someone who considers herself a non-crafty person, I was pretty pleased with the finished product!

As the evening fell, we again jumped into our comfy pants and talked and talked and talked.

A TV was never turned on the entire weekend.

When Sunday arrived, we all enjoyed another wonderful breakfast before we started to wind down the event.

I tried so hard to capture every nook and cranny of The Craft House.


I tried to capture a picture with every woman at the retreat.

I wanted to bottle the experience.

And just like a kid one the final day of an awesome summer camp, we all exchanged Facebook contacts, took pictures, and inquired about the next retreat.

This weekend was just what I needed as we usher in the beginning of the first of many  busy seasons on our farm this year.

It was refreshing to meet so many likeminded women working so hard in many different capacities to support their husbands, their families, their businesses, their livelihoods.


I’ve found it difficult to truly describe the weekend to others who didn’t attend.

Simply put…

Conversations were had.

Coffee was consumed.

Delicious meals were enjoyed.

Laughs and tears were shared.

Vulnerability was allowed.

Jesus was present.

For that, my heart is full.

And I am thankful.


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