Here We Go!

It is officially wheat harvest for us!

My feelings about harvest this year have been a little different than years past.

I wasn’t as anxious about WHEN harvest was going to start this year.

I’m generally chomping at the bit to get harvest started so we can get finished.

I usually play a guessing game in my head to try and predict the date and time when our harvest will start.

I even included others in the guessing game last year.

But this year, I’ve had a lesson in patience.

We’ve all had a lesson in patience.

Big Time!

We got a boatload of rain this spring.

It just kept raining and raining and raining and raining and raining.

You get the point.

And with all of the rain, my husband wasn’t able to farm.

Don’t get me wrong, the man was still working like crazy to get the machines ready for spring and summer work, unloading seed orders, delivering seed orders, checking fields, and doing bookwork.

He just wasn’t able to get in the fields to plant, or spray, or furrow, or do anything else requiring a tractor in a field for a very, very long time.


The rain was nice though.

We needed it!

We desperately needed it–not as desperately as our friends to the west of us, but we still needed it.

And once we got the rain that we needed, we were ready for the spigot to be shut off so work could continue.

But it didn’t.

So we rolled with it.

What else could we do?

From my standpoint, there were two options:

1.  Get grumpy and stew about all of the rain, making life miserable and putting us behind until the rain stopped, or

2.  Enjoy each other’s company.

My family chose the latter.

Don’t get me wrong, we still had our grumpy moments–but they were short-lived.

We had breakfast together as a family on Saturday mornings–an almost nonexistent practice during the spring.

We ALL went to my nephew’s birthday party–something that is tough to make happen.

We went fishing together–we’ve never done that before.

Hitting a farm pond with their poles for some fishing time.
Hitting a farm pond with their poles for some fishing time.

We bought some kayaks and tried them out in farm ponds and corn fields.

For real!

Why, yes, that is a kayak!
Why, yes, that is a kayak!

Eventually it did stop raining.

It’s been warming up as well.

The fields have dried enough to get machines in them without rutting them up or getting equipment stuck.

The ground is dry enough to get machines in.
The ground is dry enough to get machines in.

The crops that we have needed to get planted this spring are now being planted.

The field work that couldn’t be done for such a long time is now being done.

And we’ve fired up the combines to begin wheat harvest.

It’s all happening at once, but IT IS happening and it’ll all get done.

Finally planting the grain sorghum.
Finally planting the grain sorghum.

We have a great week of hot and dry weather in our forecast until a chance of storms this Friday.

It’s perfect wheat harvest weather and we plan to take advantage of it!

Wheat harvest is happening, planting is happening, irrigation is happening, spraying is happening.

It. Is. Happening.

Let’s break on three…One. Two. Three.  TEAM!

Here We Go!



5 Thoughts

  1. Best of luck! Would be interested to see how your yield compares with other years. Does the rain bring mildew or rust to the wheat?

  2. What a gorgeous Sunset behind the combine! YOU are a great photographer and blogger. I am so glad I finally got to meet Boyd and Sharon’s photographer on Sun. June 15th! What a great morning of worship with you and all the other Groveland area farmers! I loved the music selection too. Patrice, Aunt Carolyn Walker and I had a wonderful time that day. Thanks so much for sharing your blog with me! GOOD LUCK with the cooking and caretaking that you do during this busy time of year. God Bless, Julie Maxwell P.S. IF I ever get my grand-kids there, we may hire you for some pictures!

  3. Nothing like living in Kansas – the weather for one lol but I do love living here in the land of Oz! We too had issues with gardening due to weather but things are lookin good.
    Not the same as what you are doing I know, my garden is just a little thing.
    I loved the pond photo and oh how I would love to have a kayak!
    Thank you for sharing.

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