Winner, Winner, Wheat for Dinner!

The 2014 Wheat Harvest for Baldwin Farms is officially underway!

Between mechanical issues, unripe wheat, rain, and wet fields, there were moments when I wondered if we’d ever see harvest this year.


Wheat Harvest 2014
Wheat Harvest 2014

A lot of folks decided to join in my anticipation of harvest by playing a little guessing game.

The rules were simple:  The closest guess (date and time) as to when our wheat harvest would start would get some Kansas goodies sent their way.

We’d use the ticket from the elevator as the official timestamp for the game.

Well…we took our first load of wheat to the elevator.

So…we have a winner!

guess winner

And the results are in…

It's not pretty, but this was the first load of the 2014 wheat harvest.
It’s not pretty, but this was the first load of the 2014 wheat harvest.

You’ll notice that on June 24th at 14:57 (2:57 PM) we weighed in our load.

At 15:01 (3:01 PM) on June 24th we weighed out.

There were FOUR people who guessed that our harvest would start on June 24th.

  • Nicole Small guessed 4:56 PM.
  • Sonja Towes guessed 4:00 PM.
  • Kyle Leaf guessed 3:17 PM.
  • Christine Cawood guessed 2:47 PM.


Congratulations ALL four of you on your awesome guesses.

I’ll be in contact with all FOUR of you to get some Kansas goodies–including Kansas wheat products–sent your way.

Thanks for participating.

If you weren’t close this time, be sure to subscribe to Alive & Well in Kansas and be sure to “like” the Alive & Well in Kansas Facebook page.

I have a feeling you’ll have other opportunities to try again for some great Kansas products to be sent your way this summer.

Hint, Hint

Besides, I’ll be bringing you updates from our 2014 wheat harvest.

And who doesn’t like updates from wheat harvest?!?

Until next time…

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