Are We There Yet?

You know the scenario:

Family is taking a long car ride.

Parents in the front.

Kids in the back.

Everyone is smiling and happily singing their songs.

Then the kids start getting restless.

And in a whining, nasal sounding, annoying tone from the back of the car the question is asked:

“Aarrreee weee there yeeettttt?!?”

That’s where I’m at.

We’ve been harvesting wheat since Thursday, June 20th.

Let's get this wheat moved.
Let’s get this wheat moved.

I’ve been told that wheat harvest on Baldwin Farms takes 10 days.

Ten days.

Ten days!

Ten days?!

It is now July.




Adam has always said that the first day and the final day of harvest are the best while the rest is just a grind.

I get it, man.

I get it.

Hang in there, man.
Hang in there, man.

We have been so close to finishing up harvest this week BUT it’s rained just enough to keep us from finishing up in the fields.

It’s strange how you pray for rain all year and then when it finally does rain you’d rather it show up a little later–in this case because you want to finish harvest.

Cindy and I delivered the last meal to the last full field of wheat (at least for this year’s wheat harvest) on Wednesday.

We are down to clean-up cutting in a couple parts of a couple fields that were too wet when the combines went through the first time.

Getting closer to the end.
Getting closer to the end.

The harvest crew that we had helping just a week ago has started thinning out.

We’re down to running one combine.

We’re down to running one semi truck.

We’re back in some fields planting milo.

Large straw bales are now dotting the landscape that was–just a week ago–fields of waving wheat.

The swathing and baling crews have come in to transform the leftover wheat stubble into giant square bales.

The end of harvest is so close.

It’s about time.

My car is an absolute mess.

My laundry has piled up to scary heights.

My kitchen needs a serious cleaning.

My son is getting tired of getting tired in his carseat.

I'm a happy boy BUT you're pushing my limits, lady!
I’m a happy boy BUT you’re pushing my limits, lady!

My summer break is half over.

The 4th of July has passed.

I’ve completed a week of Vacation Bible School.

I want to see my husband again…in our house…at “normal” hours.

I delivered Wendy’s hamburgers and fries to the field this week.




Don’t judge!

Wheat harvest needs to be over.

Are we there yet?!?!?


And then I have to remind myself that the wheat pays the bills…

…And that we’ve been blessed with a great harvest this year…

…And that if we lived a little further west we would have been done with harvest long before now simply because we wouldn’t have a lot of wheat due to the drought.

So I tell myself to suck it up and to count our blessings.


Yes, we are ALMOST there.

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