Fire Up The Combines, Boys!

It’s time to harvest the wheat in central Kansas!

After waiting as patiently as possible, the guys decided to run a test cut yesterday afternoon.  We had visited with others–and even received a text from a student–the day before saying their wheat samples were in the 15% moisture range.

That was still too high.

Based on the 2013 wheat discount schedule for our local elevators we want our wheat to have a moisture percentage between 13.51% to 14.0% to avoid being docked.

2013 Wheat Discount Schedule
2013 Wheat Discount Schedule

You’ll notice that we can also be docked for other factors like the test weight or if there is rye in the load.

So yesterday afternoon we sent a combine into one of the fields to run a test cut.

There sure was a lot of traffic on this dirt road!
There sure was a lot of traffic on this dirt road!
Cutting some wheat.
Getting a test cutting of some wheat.

Dwight, Adam, Banks and I then took the sample to the Groveland elevator to find out if it was “go time” yet.

Is it go time?
Is it go time?

They ran the sample and gave us this…

Moisture at 13.2%.  IT’S GO TIME!!

So we went home and started cutting the wheat.

We stopped to eat our evening meal and then loaded up a truck to send to the elevator.

Getting ready to go to the elevator.
Getting ready to go to the elevator.

Dave and Logan delivered the first load to the elevator.

Weighing out
Dave and Logan driving onto the scales to weigh out.

After getting weighed out, they received the scale ticket.

Getting the information we all want.
Well, what does it say?
Well, what does it say?
Here’s a close up.

The first load of wheat from Baldwin Farms was delivered to the elevator on…

Drum roll, please.

…Thursday, June 20 at 8:00 pm.

Thus, wheat harvest has begun!!

Congratulations to Troy W. who guessed the closest to the actual time of delivery.

Troy guessed that the first load would be on June 20th at 7:15 pm.

He even went a step further and said he thought we would have 13.75% moisture with a test weight of 60.

Pretty darn close, Troy!!

Pretty darn close.


Since Troy lives next to the field that we cut yesterday–and was possibly watching while we were cutting :)–I’ll save postage and hand deliver him some muffin mix.

I’ll ALSO be sending some wheat based goodies from The Old Muffin Factory to Sheena B. who was the second closest with her guess that we’d make our first delivery on Friday, June 21 at 1:37 pm.

Sheena, I’ll be contacting you to see where you’d like me to send your goodies to.


Good job, everyone!

And thanks for playing Guess and Wait.

That was fun!

I hope you felt the same level of anticipation I have every year leading up to wheat harvest.

Keep checking back with Alive & Well in Kansas to stay up-to-date with our 2013 wheat harvest.

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It’s that simple!

Until next time!!

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