The Rest of the Story…

I like football and all, but the main reason I watch the Super Bowl is for–let’s face it–the commercials.

There were some good ones and not so good ones this year. But the one that I woke Adam up to watch on the DVR was the Dodge Ram commercial “Farmer.”

The commercial used a portion of a speech that Paul Harvey gave in the 1970’s.

I’ve heard the speech before, but this time it really, REALLY got to me.

In fact, I was so moved by the commercial that I can’t sleep now and am tapping away on my phone using my left hand while holding my son with my dominant arm. I feel like yelling from the rooftop, “So God made a farmer!!”

Maybe it was the simplicity of the high definition photographs.

Maybe it was Paul Harvey’s voice that reminded me of my childhood.

Maybe it’s because my husband is an American farmer.

My farmer.
My farmer.

Maybe it’s because I hope our three-month-old son will continue our families’ farming traditions.

The next generation.
The next generation.

Maybe it’s because I’m lactating.

Regardless, the commercial spoke to me.

There might have been a few tears.

There were definitely some chills.

Check it out here…

I just want to thank Dodge for using their prime Super Bowl spot to spotlight the work of farmers for the masses to see while supporting the FFA and local programs.

The Ram brand has declared 2013 the Year of the Farmer and is trying to raise $1 million to support FFA and assist in local hunger and educational programs. By watching the video you are helping raise funds.

I’m looking forward to seeing what else Ram and their partners–including Case IH, STIHL, Bosch, Mossy Oak, and–have in store for us this year as they celebrate the American farmer.

And now you know the rest of the story.

4 Thoughts

  1. Hi Kim,
    That commercial touched my heart too. It brought back memories of my Dad, Winston.
    God gave me him for a Dad, and there will never be a better Dad.(or farmer?) He threw away the mold after He made Dad!
    Your comments were a blessing. I know our farm is in good hands with Adam and Dwight!
    Blessings to you guys.

    1. Thanks, Neill! It’s a powerful video. I wish I was able to meet Winston and your mom. They were great people in Adam’s life and I love when he tells me stories about his experiences with them. He has lots of great memories! Thanks for visiting the blog and for the comment πŸ™‚

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