Switching Gears

Wheat harvest concluded last week for us here at Baldwin Farms.

We were very happy with this year’s harvest.

A recap preview…

I’ll give you a recap of harvest in an upcoming blog post.  PROMISE!

I had about a day to relax after harvest before switching gears to Vacation Bible School mode– which has kept me busy this week.

It’s been fun to see the neighborhood “country” kids (young and old) come participate in the community VBS.

This year’s theme has been all about water.

We’ve learned about water coming from a rock after Moses struck it while traveling through the wilderness with the children of Israel; about the Samaritan woman at the well; about Jesus calming a storm at sea; the healing of Naaman’s physical problem as well as his spiritual heart; and when John the Baptist baptized Jesus.

I found it very fitting that we FINALLY received a significant rain last night, and that the kids were thankful for it during their prayer and praise time this morning.  The kids said the farmers, the gardens and the animals all needed the good rain 🙂

Speaking of animals, Adam witnessed a pretty rare sight while harvesting wheat this year.  Luckily for us, he captured it on his cell phone camera to share with others.

Can you guess the baby animal that caused Adam to slow down his combine and pull out his camera during this year’s harvest?

The video is a little wobbly at first, but it evens out.

Keep your eyes focused on the wheat directly in front of the combine–you’ll see some movement and then it will reveal itself.

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