Behind the Scenes: The Shop

If you get High Plains Journal delivered to your mailbox you might recognize the guy on the January 9th issue’s front cover.

Wait a minute, I think I know that guy...

Yep, that’s my husband and that’s our shop.

High Plains Journal had a really nice article written by Lesa Teer about Adam and the shop in their Farm Shop issue.

If you don’t subscribe to HPJ you can read the article by clicking here.

The shop serves and has served many purposes. We use it to store and treat seed every time it’s time to start planting, we play pickleball (think what would happen if you crossed tennis and ping pong) in the shop, and it’s used to work on and store machinery throughout the year.

It even cleans up nicely– we used it to house our wedding pre-reception.

We’ve held pallet jack races, foosball games, and basketball shoot-outs in the shop.  It’s an extension of our house.  A glorified garage and recreation room all under one roof.

After the reporter came out to interview Adam, I asked what she took pictures of.

Did they get Swirls the Cat laying in the window sunning his fat belly?

Did they get a picture of the the Powercat flag hanging?

Did they get a picture of our restroom facilities?

The pictures that they used for the cover design worked together really well. The article, Keeping It Simple, did a great job of describing what the shop is like, what we use it for now, and what our future plans are.

I thought I’d give you a behind the scenes look at some little things that weren’t highlighted in the article.

Item 1. Decorations

Adam has given a lot of thought to the decorations within the shop.

Adam has posted this sign on the western wall of the shop. It represents part of his history with raising hogs and honors a family friend that has now passed away.
Adding to his history of the western wall, Adam has also lined up old Kansas license plates to add ambiance.
The American flag is at the center of our north wall.
Under the American flag Adam has put up a nice little reminder of our wedding date. Now he has no excuse to ever forget the date 🙂
And of course we have to pay homage to Kansas State!

Item 2.  Recreation

All work and no play is just no fun.  That’s why it was important for Adam to include a few “fun” activities within the shop.

If Frank Martin's team ever breaks down in the area and needs his team to practice, they are welcome to hold practice in the shop. Hey Frank, feel free to wheel the basket wherever your little heart desires. No really, I insist, Frank.
Once Frank and his players are done with their shoot-around, they can play foosball. Oh, and please include my husband, too. He has mad foosball skills!
If you all get thirsty feel free to get some bottled water in the fridge. Just don't look for ice. The only thing in the freezer is a bobcat. That's right, THERE'S A BOBCAT IN THE FREEZER!

Don’t worry, Swirls the Cat isn’t too concerned.

I never ask for ice in my drink. NEVER!

Item 3.  Little Random Stuff

If you look closely enough you can find some pretty interesting and totally random stuff throughout the shop.

From dead flies and dust…

Because I notice things like this.

…To mini SUVs.

In the event a nephew needs a toy.

There’s a lot of random stuff if you just look.

Feel like eating a snack?  Just look around, you’ll find something…

The best gourmet popcorn EVER!

Getting a little thirsty?  Just track down some lemons…

Yes, that's a lemon juicer. Why? For lemonade, of course! Like I said, totally random.

Which leads us to…

Item 4.  Restroom Facilities

Adam put a lot of thought into whether or not we should label the facilities.

He felt it necessary to post a restroom sign for visitors.

Just in case visitors needed a “nature break”.

Women and men are also welcome to use the facilities in the house. In fact, I insist!

Good Lord.  Only my husband would think of something like that!

Oh, and try to avoid the second anti-social, bloodthirsty dog on the farm now. He only understands commands spoken Portuguese. And he doesn't like men...or cats.

Crazy dogs aside, I personally feel that one of the best parts of the shop can be found when you open up the western door.

A pretty Kansas sunset.

4 Thoughts

    1. Thanks, Teresa. Kansas sunsets are pretty awesome! I have to giggle whenever I go into the shop because you never know what you are going to find. There’s lots of totally random stuff that I think only my husband knows the purpose of. There’s also a churro press. A churro press?!?! Apparently we are getting ready to create a lemonade and churro empire while hosting basketball tournaments… all from the comfort of the shop 🙂

  1. I have been around McPherson quite a few times over the years. Doug and Cindy, as well as Sandy (!) are my cousins. Lowell and Margaret were my aunt and uncle. Haven’t seen Adam or Derek, or their parents, in YEARS, but boy oh boy does Derek ever look like his Dad! Life in NJ is a far cry from the Kansas farm. Not that I would want your job at all, but I sure enjoy reading your blogs! Keep ’em coming!

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