80 Miles To Christmas

About four weeks ago Adam came home with a form from our local YMCA after attending his morning class.

He held the form up in front of the bathroom door while I was applying my makeup before leaving for work.

What is it?
80 Miles To Christmas

Adam went on to inform me that it’s a chart to use to keep track of your walking/jogging/running/biking that you do up to Christmas.

I was game.

The program helps you track your mileage and provides some visual form to help you keep exercising over the holiday season.

But why 80 miles?

Mary and Joseph traveled 80 or so miles from Nazareth to Bethlehem…and we all know what happened once they got there.

No room at the Inn…
Baby Jesus.

Adam has been filling up his chart by putting some serious miles on his bike. In fact, he “arrived” in Bethlehem last Sunday.

Me, on the other hand, might get to Bethlehem by the middle of January.
If I’m lucky.
And there’s no snow.
Ok, maybe the middle of February looks better.

The dogs and I have been slowly adding up the miles. We’ll normally walk for a mile in the mornings and a mile once I get home from school. It hasn’t happened everyday, but we’ve been walking more often than not.

I’ve been bothered by the fact that I wouldn’t make it to Bethlehem by December 25th.




I’ve been visiting with a lot of people these last few weeks about their Christmas plans. Like us, a lot of people have multiple Christmas gatherings for the various sides of the family– immediate, in-laws, out-laws and every other family group in-between.

But, not everyone gets together on December 25th. I think that would be next to impossible.

We’re lucky enough to be able to celebrate with our families and see everyone at some point during the holidays. A lot of families don’t get that.

My dear friend Amy and her family didn’t get to celebrate Christmas–as well as Thanksgiving, and Easter, and other holidays, and birthdays–with her brother at all last year because he was in the Middle East. A lot of families–military or not– also experience this same reality.

So whether you will be celebrating Christmas today, next week, or next year, remember that sometimes we don’t celebrate birthdays and other events on the actual calendar day either. And that’s o.k.

Besides, I think Jesus would appreciate us recognizing and celebrating his birthday in general– regardless of it being on December 25th or not.

So maybe I’ll get to Bethlehem a little late.
I’ll still get there though, just a little later than I wanted to.
And I’m ok with that now.

Wishing you and your family a very blessed holiday season and a merry Christmas (whenever you celebrate it).


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