Wordless Wednesday…Corn, Corn Everywhere!

It’s no secret that I take a lot of pictures. So I’m going to try out this Wordless Wednesday theme and see what I (and you all) think of it.

The rules (if there are rules for it) are simple:  less words and more images.  Easier said than done–at least for me.

For my inaugural Wordless Wednesday I thought it might be nice to share some pictures from this year’s corn harvest.  I’ve been able to go out in the fields a couple of times after school to shoot some pictures this year.

The weather has been nice, the classroom has been vacated at reasonable hours, it’s the start of fall harvest and I think I’ve already used too many words.


This is what the corn looks like before the combines go through. Isn't it a pretty yellow?
View from the combine: This is what it looks like when you go from your classroom directly into a combine without stopping at home to change first. What can I say, I ride in style!
Adam is operating the combine and Dwight is driving the tractor that is pulling the grain cart. The combine unloads the corn into the grain cart while everyone is still moving. I will call it synchronized dumping.
After the grain cart is full, it unloads into a semi truck in the field. Once the semi truck is full, it will head over to the local grain elevator.
Dave--one of our semi truck drivers--oversees the corn filling the trailer. It's very important to fill the trailer as evenly as possible because the load gets heavy.
Dave's cameo appearance
A trailer full of corn before it heads over to the local grain elevator in Groveland.
Stripped corn cobs. It amazes me that combines can do this.
There is not an ear of corn inside this husk. Again, I'm amazed that combines can do the picking.
After the combines go through, this is what the corn stalks look like. We will soon put cattle out here and they will be able to enjoy a nice fall harvest buffet of corn stalks.


So there you go, my first Wordless Wednesday post.  I was concerned that I’d feel like I duct taped my mouth shut–but I feel just fine.

What are your thoughts on the Wordless Wednesday concept?

8 Thoughts

      1. I sure will! Glad to see you enjoyed the state fair as well. I have lots of fun memories from it, too.

    1. Haha, thanks. I actually drove from school straight to the field today–this time I was wearing a skirt. It was kind of funny to see some trucks drive by and look at me like I was crazy. Thanks for visiting the blog 🙂

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