Pumping Adrenaline…

I’ve always been sort of an adrenaline junkie…

I was the teenager who’d go cliff jumping when I was states away from my parents and primary care physician. I was the twenty-something who ran around a newsroom before going “live”. I was the thirty-something who traveled the subways in Paris during rush hour. I drive fast, wear high heels, and like my green chile H-O-T (don’t give me the mild stuff)!

I like the rush.

This year’s wheat harvest gave me that same sort of feeling. You’re constantly on the go and always dealing with obstacles that can delay you whether it be break downs, melt downs, or wild weather.

This year’s harvest had its fair share of wild weather for sure. I’m not going to lie, I hate storms. But, when the combines are still rolling, the wheat is still being cut, and we’re still trying to get double cropped soybeans in the ground, I feel like I have to be out there too.

We had storms twice during this year’s harvest. Let the rush begin…

I’m right where I’m supposed to be.

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2 Thoughts

    1. Thanks Gwen! It’s interesting to watch the storms roll in out here. I’ve been able to see some pretty cool lightning–luckily from the cab of a truck. I hope to keep it that way too đŸ™‚

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