This is a mailbox…

Image not taken at an angle.

This is a mailbox at Baldwin Farms…

Fung shui mailbox

Any questions?

About a month (or so) ago we received a nice little postcard from our mailperson.  The postcard basically stated that we needed to fix our mailbox or (ELSE!!!) mail would not be delivered (thus, held hostage) and we’d have to drive into town to retrieve our parcels.

Being that it is mandatory that all magazines, newspapers, legal documents and junk mail addressed to us (or our neighbors, on occasion) must spend a minimum of three days in the box prior to being brought into the house (upon good behavior, this may be reconsidered), we knew that old mailbox could hold some weight and didn’t need fixed.

The mailbox has survived snow plows this past winter, whipping winds this spring and has done so for who knows how many years–it was another one of those things that came with the farm.  It has been a sturdy part of the roadside landscape.

Besides, it has character.  Who wants a nice, new shiny mailbox when you can have an old rusted, wobbly box?  Not I–which is why we promptly threw the postal warning in the trash.

Well, we got another friendly reminder this week.  Now we had 10 days to take care of the problem (OR ELSE!).  Since the corn is completely planted, Adam decided it was time, and when I drove home from school one day, the landscape had changed…to this:

Rest In Peace, Rusty Box.

It’s just so not “rustic country” anymore.

I hope you’re happy, Il Postino!!

Aside from having to deal with the changes a new mailbox brings, it’s also turkey season in central Kansas.

This means I’ve had some very interesting conversations with a few of my students…

Student A:  Hey Mrs. Baldwin, why do you have a Big Sweet Sally blow-up thing in the back of your car?

Me:  Uhh, what??

Student B:  Yeah, there’s a Sweet Sally in the backseat!

Me:  Uhh, WHAT?!?!

Please help me...

This also means I’ve had to start threatening to confiscate turkey calls if they become an annoyance—not from my students—but from my husband.

Apparently, the turkeys have become a bit too comfortable with their environment as they have made some appearances pretty darn close to the house.

What the?!? There are turkeys in the apple orchard!
Adam, get your gun!!

We also have more photographic evidence that they are roaming the area…

Candid Camera
Sorry Tom, you got too close for comfort. And stay away from the apple trees!

Speaking of comfort, I’m beginning to think Swirls the Cat has decided to set up permanent residence in the house.

Is this what it's like having a teenager in the house?
Swirls, get up and take out the trash!
If you can't get up with the rest of us, maybe you shouldn't be tom-cattin' around all night!

I realized this at about 2:30 one night when I awoke to find the furball sleeping on my head!  Not near my head, ON MY HEAD!

There had been signs that he was planning on a more permanent stay after we granted him refuge from this rough winter.

"Who ME??? I'm not doing anything..."
"Honestly, nothing's in the bag, I'm umm, just getting a quick snack..."
"Ok, Ok, Ok, I took some advice from Buddy. He said I should hide my stuff."

In fact, I might have been the one who led the lobbying efforts to let him come in the house this winter so he wouldn’t get eaten by hungry coyotes.  I think he’s taking full advantage of the situation.

Hey, wake up and go hunt some mice!
"I'll do it later. Turn off the lights, I'm tired."

The writing has been on the wall…er, in the bag….or on the couch….or in the guest room for quite some time.

But he’s just so darn cute—when he’s not sleeping on your head.

"Listen Buddy, I need your opinion. How do you think I can overtake the remotes? I can't handle much more TNT Drama or Amazing Race action!"

So, add Swirls the Cat to your address book as he is now a current resident of this place.  And we all know that there won’t be a delay in receiving packages since the mail will still be delivered here.

"And send some jingle balls, I forgot where I hid all of mine! And stuff them with catnip too, these people don't give me anything!"

Happy Easter from Baldwin Farms!

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  1. Kim, always can relate to your stories, and LOVE them! Reminds me of Sharon Randall. If you haven’t read her, check out her website.

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