Continuing the trend…

So apparently my blog is becoming a “once every season” kind of blog.  Hopefully that will change this summer–which is right around the corner for this teacher!!! 🙂 🙂 :).  I’m not excited or anything.

Since my last post (in November) I’ve been staying very busy and settling in.  Thanksgiving and Christmas allowed us to travel and visit family and some friends.  Adam and I decided to demolish the chicken shed (according to Rowan, that’s my house) to make me moving into the “people” house official and to not confuse Rowan any longer.  It was interesting to watch a massive piece of equipment come in and totally destroy a building in a matter of minutes.  Now I have a nice view from the back door.

So…without further ado (as opposed to adieu, which looks cooler), I present to you my 35-second, low budget video creation of the destruction…

Too bad Swirls the cat wasn’t as excited losing his hangout place.  He’s now taken a permanent residence in the “people” house as well.  And it’s really, really tough…

"Maybe if I play dead they'll put me outside."
"It's so miserable living in this house..."
"I'm sooo annoyed..."

I’ve also reached a major milestone in the pursuit of becoming an official “farmer’s wife.”  It all started when my husband took me shopping.  Not to Dillards or Neiman Marcus or (heaven-forbid) Walmart.  No, he took me to the Tractor Supply Company store…wait for it, wait for it… for some boots!!

Look what my wonderful, thoughtful husband bought me...

Let me be clear, these boots symbolize a major development in my position at Baldwin Farms.  I now have no excuses to not help.

No more are the days of, “Oh Adam, I’m wearing my super cute polka-dot heels and I can’t get out of the truck, ”  or, “If I walk through that mud, I’ll lose my shoes”  or, “It’s freezing outside and my toes are very sensitive to the cold.”

Uggs ain't got nothin' on these babies!

These boots aren’t just any boots.  They are Muck boots.  You’ll notice they are labeled “Chore” on the sides.

They are insulated, big, and black–which means they go with everything.  And for the price we paid for them, I might start wearing them to school.

Getting my money's worth during a recent winter storm...

God bless Muck Boots!!  And the farmer’s wife who gets to wear them.  And boy, oh boy, I’ve been wearing them.

Unless you have been spending some time outside the country this winter, you’ve probably experienced some of the weather we’ve had.  That includes snow.  Lots and lots of snow!

So on the few snow days I’ve had (I swear my school district is like the Postal Service), I’ve thrown on my precious MUCK BOOTS and have helped out Adam.  In fact, I’ve helped out Adam so much lately that I have become his official assistant in farm operations (this official title that I have given myself is in lieu of pay, of course).

I’ve helped him move cattle, check cattle, water cattle, feed cattle, rescue cattle, resuscitate cattle, chase cattle, and escort him to Arby’s after buying electrolytes for cattle.  The MUCK BOOTS have come in very handy, and have kept my sensitive toes warm and dry.

Getting warm inside because my mama decided to have me during Snowmageddon...
Braving the elements and 17 inches of snow where the chicken shed once stood.
Adam blazing a trail down the road with his tractor so I don't get stuck.

Happy cows like being fed corn, especially when there's tons of snow on the ground.
I had to try out the homemade snow ice cream everyone was talking about on Facebook.
Just a pretty picture...



Hopefully everything will start thawing out, the rest of the calves that are yet to be born will have nice warm weather, the wheat will have great conditions to get nice and green, and Swirls won’t get eaten by coyotes when he decides it’s time to go back outside for good.


Seriously, you want ME to go outside?? Hey, what does a cat gotta do around here to get some nice boots like yours?
Awww nuts, did I offend someone??


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